Kickstarting sustainable agriculture in arid regions

Growing food locally is a systemic change that can contribute to the sustainability of the food supply chain.

Worsening factors…

Saudi Arabia has the potential to use its economic transitions to strengthen its agricultural sovereignty.

…and worsening solutions

KSA desert crop fields.

Scaling up the possibilities

To identify the systemic solution space, we first need to identify system boundaries.

Long-term goal — solutions on a macro scale

Combining de-desertification with greenhouse agriculture can significantly improve arid regions’ food security.

During the transition — micro impact solutions

Large-scale, local agriculture in arid regions will have a global impact on the sustainability of food chains.
A visualization of Serenity Farms, a greenhouse complex mixing high-tech green horticulture with renewable energy sources.
Technology system map for Serenity Farms.

Towards a systemic approach



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