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The latest happenings show us that people, companies, cities, and entire countries are moving forward, realizing the importance of this planet where we live, our only home. In this edition, we celebrate holistic approaches and examples of goodwill which show us that another economy and society is not only possible…

When Jacob Verhaart was little, his favorite word was “why?”. That condition never got better.

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At Except Integrated Sustainability, Jacob Verhaart takes the role of industrial ecologist and head of the research team.

Jacob is Except’s Head of Research. An industrial ecologist and engineer, Jacob knows everything about energy and material flows, urban metabolism, impact and life cycle assessment, and the circular economy, with a particular love for…

This year’s Doomsday Clock, a metaphor of how close humanity is to doom developed by the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, shows that catastrophe is creeping ever-close. The 100 seconds score beats the Cold War nuclear rough-and-tumble and continues the freefall that started in the 2010s.

Doomsday Clock’s verdict for 2020 was closer than ever due to increased threats of sustainability and cybersecurity.
Fluctuations of the Doomsday Clock since its creation in 1947. Image source

The Science and Security Board…

Pivotal news stories on systemic sustainability from around the world. the Tomorrow Times is a monthly world news digest by Except Integrated Sustainability, a consultancy with a systemic view on sustainability challenges. Stay curious, keep up to date, and get inspired, all in a quick read.

Boy watching over with his binoculars, with a writing “The Tomorrow Times: News about the future today”

In this edition, we…

While society is struggling with the Corona pandemic, bananas are facing their own, a fungus called Foc-TR4.

It is not the first time that bananas face a serious threat. In 1950, the pathogen Foc-R1 brought the common banana to near extinction. The only surviving production crop was the Cavendish, due…

Except Integrated Sustainability

A multidisciplinary team that creates better futures by applying systems thinking to solve complex sustainability challenges.

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